FOR THOSE  of you who value the future of the Clyde and its once-famed angling estuary, there are a couple of dates this month to bear in mind.

The first is on the May 19 in Lochgilphead and the second two days later in Campbeltown, both great locations, if only for a day out.

But the greater purpose of any visit is that these are the next two dates for public consultations to discuss the plan for the future of the Clyde’s marine environment.  It is of particular importance that the angling community makes its views known, because as you all know – or should know – recreational sea fishing in the  Clyde is a dismal shadow of its former self.

The Scottish Sustainable Marine Environment Initiative (SSMEI) has developed the plan
which has a title just as unwieldy as the organisation itself.

But don’t let that put you off.  The plan comes in reasonably edible chunks so you don’t have to eat the elephant at one sitting.  There are two reports one on fishing and the other on recreation and tourism worth a read for a start.

Other public consultations are planned for Helensburgh, Largs, Gourock, Arran and Glasgow in the weeks ahead.

If all of that still seems too daunting, you can rely on the helpful folks at the Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network to keep you updated with the latest activity.  They don’t miss much.