FIPS-moucheHOSTS Scotland need a dramatic turn of fortunes today after struggling badly on the second day of the World Fly Fishing Championships. Their position on the team leaderboard crashed from fourth to ninth behind all the other home nations.

Hopes had risen that home waters would prove beneficial to the Scottish anglers, but lochs Awe and Leven and the River Tay all delivered blanks yesterday for team members Donald Forbes, David Chalmers and Simon Cocker.  Loch Leven only produced a total of seven fish in all yesterday; Loch Awe just 11.

Italy's Luca Papandrea before falling victim to the Tay current (see below)
Italy's Luca Papandrea before falling victim to the Tay current (see below)

However, Ian Barr of England found no problems delivering five fish from the Tay and hoisting himself to the top of the individual scoreboard. The leading Scot is Calum Crosbie in 14th place.

Team placings last night saw France ahead of England and the Czech Republic. Wales were 5th and Ireland in 7th position.

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How others see the Championships

videoicon_25pxSalmon Fishing Scotland – Doubtless the WFFC organisers will be somewhat concerned at the video here which shows the apparently less-than-careful return of one grayling to the river where it can be seen drifting away on the surface on its side.

videoicon_25pxItaly’s Luca Papandrea has to rely on his inflatable life vest as he takes a ducking while netting a trout on the Luck Now stretch of the Pitlochrie beat of the Tay.  Both angler and fish returned to the water.

texticon_25px You can make what you like of this report, which seems to think that one of the competition venues is Loch Carron in West Ross!

texticon_25px The Japanese team.  Good try with the translation, lads.

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    From in response to the second last post:
    Dodgy geography sorted. In Argyll we tend to look northwards and don’t pay nearly as much attention to Stirling as we clearly should. Apologies. But we are working to bring you the news of the event, even if we’re making Wester Ross a touch confused.

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