MY STORY earlier this week commenting on shark tagging in the drive to increase our knowledge and understanding of endangered fish species, has prompted an interesting response from one of the founders of the new River Clyde website.

A cracking 26 lb pike from the River Clyde

John Blair says that Clyde pike are soon to be the target of a tagging programme.  He reports that the river has delivered some spectacular pike catches in the 12-20lb class this season and one 26 lb cracker is featured on their new site.

“Many of us believe that Nature has its own mechanics and that pike, game and coarse fish have successfully inhabited the same waters for millennia, striking an ecological balance,”  Blair says.

“Despite our ideologies, many fellow game anglers are still intent on fishing for, and killing, every pike in the water in an attempt to exterminate the freshwater predator.”

Blair says the new Clyde forum with more than 200 members, has received permission and encouragement from Lamington & District Angling Association to carry out the programme. If successful, it will be extended to other beats.

The Clyde website has exceeded all of the organisers’ expectations with more than three times the anticipated number of members signing up from as far afield as Sweden, the US and Australia.

Blair adds: “The response we have had, and continue to receive, is overwhelming, and hugely encouraging.”

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